Wildlife Fund Thailand Under The Royal Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen

Wildlife Rescue Project

The need for WFT to rescue wild animals comes under many situations, most frequent are road casualties, follows by abandoned or unwanted wildlife pets. Busy rescue works come during migrant seasons, many migratory birds collide with glass windows and doors and suffer injuries at various levels. We do our best to give initial emergency care and try to save their lives, but sometimes it is necessary to turn them over to professionals at our own expenses. If the animals survive, we then release them or need to find homes for them. The most difficult rescue work, however, is in the area of saving lives of wetland animals. Each day throughout the country, plots of wetlands are being prepared for construction of houses, roads or business, this is done by using dump trucks loaded full of soil or broken concrete, these trucks then dump the materials into the wetland where many species of animals live, allowing them no time to escape. These animals include fishes, turtles, snakes, snails, etc. Each day thousands of wetland animals die sudden inescapable death. Wildlife Fund Thailand does its best to save these animals, but with great difficulties. Many landowners do not wish to waste time, and sometime the water is too deep, or the area too large. Boots, gloves and other protective gears are required for large group of professionals to work quickly. We are able to save many of the animals, but not all. This is a rather costly undertaking.