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In-situ Green Peafowl Conservation

Center for Rehabilitation of Nature and Wildlife

In-situ Green Peafowl Conservation Center

Center for Rehabilitation of Nature and Wildlife

In 2012, WFT was informed that there were hundreds of wild Green Peafowls thriving in Lamphun province in the northern part of Thailand. WFT survey reviled a remarkably interesting history of these magnificent birds. Their ancestors were kept as pets by Kruba Srivichai, the highly revered monk in the north of Thailand. After Kruba Srivichai passed away in 1939, the pet Green Peafowl reverted to the wild and multiplied into many hundreds.

M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra, President of WFT’s Honorary Advisory Board organized “Mayurapirom”, a fundraising Gala Dinner at his Suan Pakkad Palace. The funds raised made it possible for WFT to purchase 58 rai (23 acres) of land to become the project center. Prompting WFT to initiate the In-situ Green Peafowl Conservation Center at Moo 4, Ban Mae Pok Noi, Srivichai Sub-district, Li District, Lamphun Province in 2013.

There were many ongoing concerns in and around project areas: The Green Peafowls live in the reserved forest, but feed and display in the rice and corn fields, where the grains and water were poisoned by pesticides. During the dry season, the peafowls suffer from lack of water. Man-made fires also cause heavy casualties to eggs and chicks.

WFT’s land which is adjacent to the reserved forests is intended to provide the following: Create living and feeding areas free from pesticides and forest fires, with clean water year-round. To plant fruit bearing forest trees that will provide fruits and leaves for wildlife. To prohibit hunting in the area. To employ permanent staffs working year-round to monitor the peafowls and other wildlife population, in addition to maintaining the project area.

After many years of hard work, the progress is very satisfying and encouraging, many peafowls visit our project site daily during dry season. Various species of wildlife has also returned to the project area.

Our ultimate goal is to create a Green Peafowl sanctuary as well as to rehabilitate all wildlife that once flourished in the area. WFT’s long-term intention is to turn the project area into a thriving eco-tour destination. We have already created facilities to cater to visitors such as office, library, blind for bird watching, camping area, since we are located in the remote location without any public facilities, we have installed our own solar energy system and water tanks to allow visitors limited conveniences, which were previously unavailable.

WFT needs funding to cover expenses to operate and continue our project. We need your help. We need your generous donations to allow WFT to make the In-situ Green Peafowl Conservation Center/ Center for Rehabilitation of Nature and Wildlife project a success.

Please help us “Keep the Green Peafowl strutting.”