Wildlife Fund Thailand Under The Royal Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen

Royal Patron

“Thailand is progressing forward in many areas of the national development efforts, however, we must bear in mind that, developmental success must go hand in hand with the success of the conservation of our natural resources because the quality of life depends on the quality of the environment. For this reason, the works of Wildlife Fund Thailand are admirable.”

Message from Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Queen Mother, The Royal Patron of Wildlife Fund Thailand

“When I accepted the invitation to become the patron of Wildlife Fund Thailand, I was not fully aware of the extent of the loss and damage being inflicted upon our wildlife heritage. But I am delighted to observe that today, conservation is gaining a much higher priority in our national development plans. Although it has taken us many decades to reach this favorable stage of awareness, and perhaps only after the loss of many of our endemic species of animals and plants, such as Schomburgk’s deer found nowhere else in the world; these past errors have taught us to move ahead more cautiously with a much better understanding and respect for conservation principles.
As for my personal supportive involvement in this area, the survival of species through research and captive breeding programs is progressing satisfactorily. The Mouse deer, Eld’s deer, Eastern sarus crane, Pheasants, as well as the white winged wood duck are among the few encouraging stories, thanks to the tireless efforts of many dedicated parties involved.
But if we are really to succeed in the true sense of conservation, so much more remains to be accomplished. Thai people at all levels must finally understand that conservation is not against development, but long-term development can only succeed through proper conservation measures. In this connection we must not ignore the terrifying examples of death and immense suffering going on in certain parts of the world as a direct result of poor management of natural resources.
In many ways we are very fortunate in Thailand to be able to look ahead with optimism and enthusiasm, because we still have the necessary basic resources to successfully carry on the social, economic and scientific development of our country. Therefore, let us be determined to protect a heritage which is precious to us.
It is my wish that everyone will share my pride in the natural beauty and abundance bestowed upon Thailand. Let us work together for sustained success in the conservation efforts necessary for the sake of this land to which we all belong.”