Wildlife Fund Thailand Under The Royal Patronage of Her Majesty The Queen

Operations in the project area

Create ponds and Plant fruiting forest and bamboo

We created ponds, planted fruiting forest trees and bamboo to provide water and food sources, free from pesticides as well as safe habitat, for wildlife which have come to feed, breed and make our project site their home, in an increasing numbers.

Green peafowls come to drink at the pond in the project site. Diverted wildlife species have also returned to the rehabilitated forest area

Forest Fire Fighting

WFT’s staffs fighting annual man-made forest fires and cut fire-break trails around the project site.

Bird Watching Blind

A bird-watching blind has been constructed to allow viewing and photographing of the green peafowls and other wildlife in its natural setting.

Camping Area

WFT has prepared a safe and convenience camping ground for nature enthusiasts to enjoy their time in natural, pollution free, unspoiled surrounding.